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Feedback : Bridalhenna did my henna for my wedding and she did an absolutely amazing job. She was right on time to my house and was very sweet about helping me pick the perfect design and changing it to what I liked. She also did simple designs for my mom, aunts, and cousins in a very quick manner. the color of the henna came out great and lasted quiet a while which was perfect because my walima was a few days after. I would definitely recommend Bridalhenna to family and friends.
Feedback : Hi Bridalhenna; You did a great job and everyone loved the henna. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family in the future. Thanks, Payal Shah
Feedback : Bridalhenna did such a fantastic job on my bridal mendhi! EVERYONE absolutely loved it, especially my picky husband now. I got numerous compliments on your work and I am very thankful for the service you provided myself, and my bridal party during my wedding. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mendhi artist.
Feedback : Bridalhenna did a fantastic job on my bridal mehndi. She was quick and my mehndi came out gorgeous. Would definitely recommend her for anyone with any mehndi needs!
Feedback : thank you so much for doing my mendhi. It came out really good and everybody was complimenting it! I will definitely refer you to future brides!
Feedback : Dear Bridalhenna and your team member, Thank you vary much for all. Timely arrival and exceptionally professional work. You were awesome. VinNitika ; my wife Gita and all guests were happy. Some of the guests were asking about you , I have given them your information. Thanks again, Hemang Dave,
Feedback : Thank you very much for your hard work. I was quite stressed that evening and sorry for my impatience. Your art is beautiful. I am getting so many compliments. The color came out very dark. My friends loved their henna too a lot. Thank you for everything.
Feedback : Bridalhenna was by far one of the best henna artists I have ever seen. All of the kids at my daughters sweet 16 party were very happy. She was able to handlle the dozens and dozens of requests very easily. I was very impressed with here professionalism and her ability to focus with so many requests. Her art is amazing and her personality was top notch. Thank you dipti! .
Feedback : Bridalhenna did an excellent job on my bridal mehndi and she was very efficient as well. The designs were detailed and the color was gorgeous. She also brought 3 additional women with her to work on our guests and they all did a terrific job. Everyone was pleased. Thank you very much!
Feedback : Beautiful intricate work & incredibly fast, very courteous & I highly recommend her to others!
Feedback : Bridalhenna came for my mehndi party on May 24th. She did an amazing job, her figure work is stunning and like nothing I've seen before! She is incredibly fast, lovely to work with, and made it a wonderful event for all. I highly recommend her.
Feedback : Hello Bridalhenna; Joanna and I are back from wedding, honeymoon, etc. We had a lot of time to reflect on how well everything went, how much fun everyone had, and more. Your role in making that happen is something we wanted to thank you for. The work was great and it lasted a long time throughout the honeymoon in the sun. In fact, now Joanna has a "reverse tan" with the beautiful patterns still subtly visible, she wanted me to tell you. Thanks for everything with her, and the rest of family and friends! Best and better, Anuj
Feedback : Thank you so much for doing such a great job of the mehendi. All our guests were so impressed at your artistry and speed. Hopefully we will see you again soon Thank you again Vasanti
Feedback : Amazing work. Down to earth personality. Quick. Woman of her word. Easy to work with. Listens to what you really want and more importantly, don't want, These are just a few ways I would describe Bridalhenna and her work. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get mendhi done, bridal or otherwise.
Feedback : Bridalhenna you are one of a kind! The art you translate into mehndi is amazing! Not only does the application process fly by before you know it because she is that quick, but she also has a great personality to keep you lauhging and entertained the entire time. Her artwork, speed and honesty are unfound qualities in many other artists. My bridal mehndi came out amazing and people from all over were complimenting me and asking where I got it done. Her prices are unmatched as well. I will definitely be recommending you to all the up and coming brides out there so keep your black book free.
Feedback : Bridalhenna did a great job on my henna, ... its was worth the dirve from new york . My henna was maroon colour the next day and i couldn't believe how dark it got so fast, its been almost 3 weeks after my wedding and i still have my henna. She is great!!!!!
Feedback : Thank you so much Bridalhenna ;Henna artwork on my hands. I still get compliments on how beautiful it was. The color was so dark that it lasted almost to the end of my 2 week honeymoon. I recommend you to eveyone I know who is getting married! You are a very rare find. Your henna art is as beautiful as you are on the inside :) Hope you see you soon at one of my friends henna parties :)
Feedback : Bridalhenna did a beautiful job for my bridal henna. She was quick, professional and most importantly, detail oriented. She was actually capable of free-handing all the artistic designs that she had as templates. She also provided a special ingredient to apply on my henna after the mehdni night, so that it would become darker (which it did). She also (single-handedly) applied henna on my friends and family (30 people). She was flexible with her timings and was very patient. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you.
Feedback : Bridalhenna and her friend did a good job at our mehndi event, she was clean, fast and well organized. Her designs were good too. Thanks for the job well done on April 7, 20011.
Feedback : Bridalhenna was family, friends and I were very happy with everything. She was good, efficient, on time and very friendly. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Feedback : Henna came out great!! Would highly recommend her!!
Feedback : Bridalhenna has a great talent with bridal henna! The color came out so beautiful and looked stunning. She is very nice and great at what she does. I would def. recommend her to all my friends and family for their henna!
Feedback : I would definetely recommend Bridalhenna for Arabic designs and for henna parties. Very fast with henna as well.
Feedback : Bridalhenna auntie did an awesome job on my henna. I highly recommend her to anyone. She is very quick and friendly.
Feedback : Amazing job! The color and design of my Mehndi was flawless. Aunty worked quickly and made sure I was comfortable throughout. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Feedback : Bridalhenna Thank you so much for making time out for my bridal henna. I was so frazzled and I messed up the timings but you still came through for me and quickly finished my mehndi. The mehndi was beautiful and all of the women in the family said that it came out gorgeous! Thanks a bunch!
Feedback : Fast work and good quality henna - she makes it herself so there is no chance of chemicals at all. She has a great sense of artistry and proportion.
Feedback : Enjoyed BRIDALHENNA WORK .All the gueste were very happy with there mehandi will call her again .
Feedback : Bridalhenna came to the public library where I work to do a mehndi program for teens. The program was great! Bridalhenna was professional and great with the kids and they all had a blast. We're hoping to have her back again next year.
Feedback : What a pleasure it was to have Bridalhenna come for my friend's bridal shower. She did an amazing job and also was very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her for your event!!
Feedback : Bridalhenna, you are wonderful thunderstorm underbolt. keep up this and good luck
Feedback : Bridalhenna an amazing job for my wedding! My mendhi looked fabulous for my big day and everyone loved her at our mendhi party. She was great to get along with, stayed until everyone was finished and made sure we were all satisfied with her work. I would HIGHLY recommend her for your event. Thanks so much.
Feedback : Bridalhenna not only did a fantastic job on my Bridal Henna, but she was a joy to have at our party in Aruba! She is incredibly warm and patient and passionate about her art. She went out of her way for us in many ways including accommodating the crazy schedule a destination wedding presents. Our wedding brought together both east and west - he is from India and I am American. This was a fantastic tradition to introduce my friends and family to and Dipti made sure it was an event no one will forget!
Feedback : Bridalhenna did an amazing job on my bridal mehndi - I got so many compliments! My friends and family had a wonderful time at the mehndi party, and eveyrone was pleased with the results. I wish I lived in the area so I could have another party! But I would defintely recommend her to anyone that is in need of a henna artist. Her work is simply stunning, and reasonably priced. Dipti herself is a treasure - it's very clear that she loves what she does, and she was such a pleasure to bring to my brother's home. We were all shocked at how dark our mehndi turned as well - it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you again, I now need another excuse to have a mehndi party! I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. You are extremely talented!
Feedback : Bridalhenna was a fantastic addition to my daughter Stella's 1st birthday party. All of the guests were raving about her beautiful work and what a unique and fun idea Henna is at a family gathering. Dipti even brought beautiful bindis and stick on henna designs for those who were wary or too young to sit still. She was sweet, talented, and her rates were so reasonable. I think everyone should consider having henna at a party, and three is no one better than Bridalhenna as far as i am concerned. Fantastic!
Feedback : Bridalhenna did an absolute amazing job for my Engagement Party mehendi. Thank you so much! Everybody was amazed at the uniqueness and intricacy of her work. She was very nice and extremely quick! I definitely would recommend her and would use her services in the future.
Feedback : Bridalhenna was very professional and did my henna is a well timed fashion. Not only that, she gave me tips on how to make the henna stay darker and longer. Everyone loved it and it lasted a good week !! And it looked beautiful in the pictures. She had lots of designs to choose from, which could suit anyone's different tastes. I would definitely recommend her and would ask for her at other events !
Feedback : Thanks for doing an amazing job with the henna. My family, friends and I absolutely loved the designs you used. The henna also came out really dark even though some of them only wore it for an hour or so. I was also surprised to see how dark my henna became after one day. The day of the wedding it looked just beautiful. The henna on my feet actually stayed for over a month! I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a henna design artist considering that you were on time, are reachable via phone and e-mail, offer a wide variety of designs, use good quality henna, and just have a very easy going personality. Thanks again I wish you all the success with your business.
Feedback : I wanted to thank you so much for all your help in making our wedding so memorable. The mehndi came out really great and I got lots of compliments on it! I will be sure to send you pictures! And I will be sure to give you lots of referrals! Thanks for showing up on time and being patient! If you need any online testimonials or anything else from us, please do let me know.
Feedback : I was a couple of weeks away from my wedding and hadn’t booked a henna artist. I decided last minute to have the ceremony and came across Bridalhenna and on internet I was a little hesitant to have someone without a reference, but Bridalhenna's website gave me a pretty good idea of her work. She was on time, came prepared with different styles of designs and I could choose what I wanted. She did such a beautiful job, on my hands as well as those of my friends. The color was though initially seemed light, darkened in a couple of hours and was the perfect shade for the wedding. The color lasted for quite some time after the wedding- Its been almost a month and there still is some color on my arms. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking for a great bridal henna artist.
Feedback : Bridalhenna you did a great job and I was very pleased with how quickly and nicely you were able to do my hands and feet. I was very happy with the designs for myself and my family. Thanks for everything!
Feedback : Thank you so very much for your outstanding work during our mehndi function. The designs and handwork was lovely, and we really do appreciate all your help in making our wedding a success.
Feedback : Thankyou soooo much for doing my bridal henna. The henna design was soo beautiful and the color definitely lasted. Dipti came over to my house 2 days before my wedding when i had a dholki/sangeet so she did my bridal henna as well as for my friends for a really good price. Everyone was very happy. I would definitely reccommend her to anyone who's looking for a great bridal henna artist. Her designs are so different that no one can have the same desgin as you because theres so many to choose from. She's also very quick she did my bridal henna in probably less than 1hour and half. Thank you sooo much for making intricate designs!!!
Feedback : Aunty, thank you so much for the fabulous job on my bridal mehndi. It came out very dark and looked beautiful both in the pictures and in person. I was amazed at how fast and intricate the work was. I appreciate you giving each girl what she wanted and everyone was very impressed. It was very nice to work with someone so professional. Thank you for returning every phone call and email and for showing up on time to the mehndi party. I will definately be contacting you in the future.
Feedback : Bridalhenna; You did excellent job and very fast and efficiently Bride and her friends were very happy.
Feedback : I had Bridalhenna do henna tattoos on 15 women at a 40th bday party...what a success, the henna was beautiful and her pleasant attitude was the perfect addition to the party
Feedback : We had Bridalhenna for our Company Annual Party held 12/13/2009 and must say that she did a brilliant job. She was very nice and fast and her work was appreciated by one and all. I would definitely use her services in future as well (for both Corporate and Personal).
Feedback : Bridalhennaid a beautiful job on my henna. I loved the results. She was very nice and fast. I would recommend her to everyone I know.
Feedback : Bridalhenna did a great job on my henna. She worked very fast
Feedback : wow, what a great job you've done! i can't believe how dark my henna came out, it's almost a maroon color. i've never seen it this dark on my hands!!!
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